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Competition among enterprises is essentially a talent competition

Talent is the lifeblood of enterprise development. Chengdu Pufei De Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Since its founding grasp that people-oriented business philosophy, in the competitive information industry to adhere to grasp the essence of the knowledge economy, the implementation of human resources strategy. Establishment of a dedication, unity, cooperation, innovative, a sense of crisis, high-quality staff, to provide customers with attentive, first-class products in the industry establish a good brand image.
Strategic thinking: to grasp the essence of the knowledge economy, intellectual capital and talent resources

1, to establish unity, stability, and high-caliber leading cadres to ensure that corporate management philosophy, the scientific concept of corporate culture, harmonious and efficient.
2, the construction of high-level, high-level professional and technical personnel, strengthen research and development efforts to ensure that our products maintain a leading edge in technology.
3, the establishment of effective marketing personnel, to increase the market share of our products.
4, the establishment of efficient management personnel to ensure the efficient implementation of business strategy and creative improvements

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