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Chengdu Pufei De Biotech Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese medicine reference substance and plant active ingredient compound separation, purification production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. 

Strength of technology companies, has a group of highly qualified research team, with strong technical development and research and development capabilities, the active ingredient compounds in plant research, production and plant active ingredient compound innovation, there are a wealth of technical reserves and experience and holds its advanced theoretical principles and implementation methods. More effectively focus on the depth of the development of new varieties, expanding application market, and promote research and development of botanical active ingredient compound industrialization process. At present, our company with a number of research institutes, medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises to establish long-term cooperative relations with Polygala series; ginsenosides series; saikosaponin series; polyphyllins series; Chuanxiong series; Cistanche series; Schisandra series; rhubarb series; Salvia series; quinic acid series; licorice series of more than 100 series of more than 1,000 varieties of products are exported to USA, UK, Germany, Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand countries and regions. In today’s increasingly competitive market, we will continue to uphold "all in order to meet customer demand" business purpose; firmly establish the "customer demand for the guidelines to market demand-oriented, and constantly develop high quality new products, providing customers with satisfied with the overall quality of service "approach. 

We would like to sincerely cooperate with you for a better future.

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